Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Introduction to Me

Hello out there!

I decided it was time to have the recipes I tend to use regularly in one consolidated place. I'll attempt to keep it current, with trials and tribulations, with nutrition data, and with a limited budget in mind. I plan to document my successes and my failures, as well as my standard 'i'm hungry what's in the pantry' type meals.

I'm going to make an attempt at organization, but I can only really be as organized as my mind lets me... And believe me, that's not a whole lot.

Let me start by listing some of my favourite areas of food:
-meat (all sorts, and i'll try just about anything)
-pasta (benefits; cheap and easy and relatively healthy in moderation)
-new flavor combinations
-just about everything

Updates that are soon to happen include quiche (i always forget the proportions i like to use!), some orzo recipes, and a dessert or two. A lot of what I cook is culled from a variety of blogs out there, but I tend to make adjustments based on what I've got and what I like. So I plan on linking to them, and adding in what I changed and how it turned out. Would like to also update recipes based on other adjustments I've made, so when I feel like lasagna, I'll be reminded of how I love spinach mixed in with the cheese mix and whatnot.

SO! This blog is more for my personal reference. If it helps anyone else, that's pretty cool too.

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