Tuesday, May 5, 2009

For the next two weeks (at least)

I'm going to go dairy-free, gluten-free, and refined-sugar-free. And wine-free. :/ But I still have vodka!

I do have my reasons. I've been feeling like shit for a while, and I'd like to reclaim some of that amazing energy I felt while doing the elimination thing. I know I have problems with dairy (oh but cheese and butter!). I know I have craving issues with sugar. And many people are sensitive to gluten, even without realizing it. I'm kinda sad that I never got to fully realize my sensitivities with the elimination diet. I did find out that pineapple can make my lips get all miniblistery then though. Loads of fun.

I'm also going to try to give up caffeine. Wish me luck on that one. I'm going to limit myself to one cup of regular coffee per day, at most, if I need it.


What AM I going to eat?

+ 'long life cocktail' stolen from fat flush plan (cranwater or pomawater, and 1 tsp psyllium husks)
+ lemon juice in water
+ oatmeal sweetened with truvia, with cinnamon and raisins
+ 2 eggs scrambled with 1 tsp olive oil and about 1 cup of vegetables

+ grain salad made with gluten free grain (rice blend right now. i wanted quinoa though. damn you understocked grocery stores!), lots of veggies, additional protein (be it tuna, garbanzo beans, chicken), and a light dressing of olive oil and balsamic, cider vinegar or lemon juice) I'm going to post recipes later
+ salad or raw or grilled veggies

+ 1 svg lean protein
+ 1 svg greens cooked with olive oil and garlic and a splash of lemon juice
+ 1 svg healthy vibrant starch (generally sweet potatoes or squash with occasional corn)

SNACKS (2-3 per day)
+ fruit!
+ nuts!
+ raw/grilled veggies!
+ hummus
+ airpopped popcorn
+ whatever else like leftovers I have around.

+ 4 oz cranberry + 28 oz water OR 2 oz pomegranate + 30 oz water throughout the day
+ water!
+ non caffeinated teas
+ max 1 glass oj per day
and last but definitely not least
+ vodka soda + lemon for when i'm feeling saucy.

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