Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bread! Con't

So! I love bread!

The recipe works. While I've read that the dough gets even better as it ages, I haven't experienced that yet. It does not last. Part of the problem there is that I can only make 2 loaves worth, for lack of space. Also, I've gone through nearly a 5lb bag of flour, and four packets of yeast. I need to get jar yeast like yesterday, because it is so much cheaper in the long run. Currently, I just toss in the whole packet of yeast even though it calls for slightly less. That way, I don't have to measure.

I still need to go peruse the book at the library. I'm thinking I'm going to do that on Thursday.

Anyway, I'm still all kinds of stoked on bread even if it is just about the most simplistic thing ever. I've started making it in an elongated loaf shape, because it slices better. Also, my hands are getting tougher again, because I'm in love with fresh from the oven bread. Woo!

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