Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CSA Box so far!

Fava beans are dumb. I have 330g of waste to show for 170g favas. Add in the shelling, blanching AND peeling, and its stupid. Going to saute those with bacon and shallots., topped with a few sprigs of microbasil.

Made an ugly soup the other day. The colors were glamorous but the texture was not. Carrot, peppers, shallots and chicken stock finished with a bit of cream. There's still a serving or so in the fridge.

Today, I'm going to blanch the chard and possibly make a quiche. That or a chard/biscuit/tomato bake.

I need to eat more salads!

Also, found out my new favorite egg salad ever. Good quality eggs + 1/2 slice of bacon minced and rendered + dab of spicy mustard + mayo. With sprouts and tomatoes on mini pitas = amazing.

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